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3 Types Of Website Traffic To Skyrocket Your Lead Generation

Do you want to take control of your website traffic so you can always have a steady flow of leads coming your way?

If so, you need to learn about these three different types of website traffic.

Once you have a handle on these three core ways to drive traffic to your offers, you’ll be able to diversify your traffic sources – and make sure you’re reaching your customers in all the right places.

This little lesson on traffic comes from my good friend, Russel Brunson, and his incredible book, Traffic Secrets.

You can get his book HERE for free (you just need to pay for shipping & handling). I highly recommend it as Russell’s the GOAT for all things online marketing and internet business.

Russell’s teachings came to mind the other day when I was having a conversation with a friend of mine.

This friend is a fellow entrepreneur who I used to do business with back in the day. He called me up feeling overwhelmed about his business.

I jumped in to give him a hand and started to diagnose the problem.

While this friend was getting a ton of traffic to his website, he felt worried because he didn’t know how long his good fortune was going to last.

His traffic felt out of his control. And he knew that as soon as he started losing traffic, he’d start losing revenue, too.

I realized that my friend was only leveraging one type of traffic – and that type is what Russell would call traffic you don’t control.

But in reality, there are two more traffic types needed to run a sustainable, profitable business.

The third one is actually the *most* important, so keep reading to find out what it is.

Let’s go over the three essential types of website traffic in more detail.

Traffic That You Get, But Don’t Control

The first type of internet traffic is the type my friend was getting.

He was getting lots of traffic to his website, but he had no control over it.

Traffic that you don’t control usually correlates with organic traffic.

My friend’s site was getting a ton of hits from search engines, but he was at the mercy of Google.

Google could do an update or algorithm change that seriously affects his ranking and there would be nothing we could do about it.

The same thing goes with organic traffic from social media sites.

I had another good friend and back in the golden days of Instagram, his company used to grow accounts.

They were rolling in dough. A single post on Instagram could easily go viral and result in thousands of dollars.

That worked until Facebook bought Instagram – and then they changed the name of the game.

There’s nothing wrong with traffic you don’t control, but it is more unpredictable.

Nonetheless, there are tons of businesses relying heavily on organic traffic to grow. I know tons of entrepreneurs having success with SEO, a large Facebook group, and many other tactics.

Even though you don’t control it, this type of website traffic can still be hugely beneficial and make you lots of money.

Traffic That You Control, But Don’t Own

The second category is traffic that you control.

Most of the time, this means traffic from paid advertising.

You give Facebook a dollar and they send you a certain amount of traffic.

You’re able to direct traffic to a particular asset or landing page depending on your goals. You can do the same thing with paid ads on Google and YouTube as well.

Of course, the caveat with traffic you control is that you have to pay to play.

But if the math works in your favor, and ads align with your margins, paid traffic can be a very solid way to scale your business.

Traffic That You Own

The third type of website traffic is probably the MOST important traffic type you want to focus on as an entrepreneur.

And that is traffic that you own.

None of us own Facebook, Google, or YouTube.

We’re at the mercy of their algorithm changes and updates.

The traffic that you own is your email list.


Because you own that data.

You own those names and emails.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Even if you switch platforms, you take all of your data with you. You could switch from Convertkit to ActiveCampaign to Mailchimp – it doesn’t matter. Your list remains intact and you can target that customer list in exactly the same way.

The goal for every business owner should be to go from:

Traffic that you don’t control

Traffic you control

Traffic that you own

When you focus on traffic that you own, you’re invincible.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on with Facebook, Google, or TikTok.

The more you’re able to control and own your traffic, the bigger of a business you become.

Think about the biggest companies in the world.

  • Amazon doesn’t own products.
  • Airbnb doesn’t own homes.
  • Uber doesn’t own cars.

What these companies DO own is data.

The more data you can acquire on your customers, the more powerful you’ll be.

That’s why the very first order of business I gave my friend was to start growing his email list.

And if you too want to learn how to take your traffic into your own hands, Facebook ads that be a powerful tool for creating a steady flow of leads for your business.

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