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Meet Our Team
Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez is an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing expert who focuses on bringing results to clients and students by researching and applying the latest Marketing and Sales Funnels techniques that work. He works on providing value on his YouTube channel about the latest marketing approaches and strategies, as well as connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners on his Facebook Group.

Jeremias Smith

Jeremias Smith has over 20 years of combined marketing and sales experience. Since 2008, he has lead several initiatives that resulted in millions of dollars in sales volume for both digital and brick-and-mortar businesses. He loves to help businesses break free from short-sighted tactics and assists them in achieving profit goals through an Objectives & Key Results(OKRs) driven approach. He believes that an effective marketing and sales process is the only thing that can help a company grow. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Mika Savinovic
Operations Manager/HR
Experienced Operations manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Product Management, Digital Marketing, Sport Management and E-commerce. Love managing the team and upgrading the processes. Happy to be part of a successful team like Scale Driven.
Gisela Paolini
HR Assistant
I’m Gisela Paolini, HR Assistant. I love being an English language Argentinian teacher, passionate about cultures and learning new things every day. What is more, I have a BS in international Trade with 10+ years of experience. I have worked in this agency for five years, and counting, that is why I consider myself more than prepared to take care of the most valuable of its assets, human beings.
Jana Tomovic
Project Manager
Project Manager with main experience focused in working with Agile methodologies. Delivery-oriented, proactive and team player. Technical background in Electrical engineering – Computer Science.
Guillermina Pepe
Media Buying Team Leader

I’m an Argentinian System Analyst and I’ve been working as a Media Buyer since 2019.

I’m detailed-oriented, analytical and data-driven, structured and methodical. Full of passion and eager to learn more and more every day.

Patient and always happy to help the team grow professionally and personally.

Beware: If you try to get the most out of me, you’ll probably have it.

Mariano Vazquez
Media Buyer

I love Basketball.

Entrepreneur 100% Proactive.

Billionaire Mindset.

My goal is to travel all around the world, helping people to reach their own goals.

Gonzalo Espinoza
Media Buyer

I’m Gonzalo Espinoza, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m currently working as a Media Buyer, for Scale Driven.

I’ve joined this marketing world back in 2019, since then, I’ve spent all my time on becoming the media buyer that I’m now.

My goal right now is to continue learning new things, face new challenges, and enjoy life.

Robyn McDonald
Account Manager

I am Robyn McDonald from South Africa. Professionally, I have a degree in financial management. I have spent a lot of time traveling abroad and I just love socialising and engaging with different people.

I have been an account manager at Scale Driven for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with such driven, motivated clients from many different industries.

Damjan Kolozeg

I started off my career in sales. Hated it. Shifted towards SEO. Also hated it. Eventually I landed a freelance gig as a copywriter — loved it. Now I work at ScaleDriven and I write winning ads & high-converting for our clients. As cheesy as it sounds, I love my job.

Dora Gribanova
Graphic Designer

I am a designer from Russia who currently lives and works in Georgia. I spent the early part of my career doing social media managing, before transitioning to advertising. Currently, I work as a Graphic Designer for ScaleDriven, where I joined in September, 2020.

A true creator in every way, I enjoy spending time creating things that really catch the eye, and also knitting, sketching and doing “some of my usual magic”.

Lina Suarez
Sales Manager

My Name is Lina Suarez, Professionally I have a degree in Law, studies in procedural law, and digital and strategic marketing. Passionate about sales, leadership and digital Marketing. 6+ Years of Experience in B2B and B2C sales. Success of B2B business model depends on building long-term relationships with customers, and all relationships begin with empathy. Empathy is my super power in sales, and still is in customer success.

-“Keep your mind sharp and remain unstoppable”.