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How To Use The 95-5 Rule Of Advertising To Get More Sales

How To Use The 95-5 Rule Of Advertising To Get More Facebook Ad Sales

Want to learn a little-known strategy for how to get more Facebook Ad sales?

Then let me introduce you to something called the 95-5 rule.

When you’re running ad campaigns for your business – it’s really easy to get hyper-focused on the people who are ready to buy.

Because that’s why you’re doing this after all, right? To make sales!

So you pour all kinds of time, resources, and MONEY into getting immediate results from your Facebook ad sales.

There’s no shame in putting a lot of time and energy into nurturing the folks who are just about ready to convert into paying customers.

But the rule of 95 – 5 states that only 5% of your audience are actually ready to buy.

This means if you’re *only* focused on those people, you’re effectively neglecting the other 95% percent of your audience.

Instead of ignoring this valuable pool of people, make sure you continue to nurture them through your advertising and marketing strategies.

I actually learned about the 95-5 rule in advertising through an awesome newsletter called Stacked Marketer.

They cite some statistics and examples (you can read about them in more detail here) that I’ll go over to illustrate how the 95 – 5 rule of marketing works in practice. And then, we’ll get into why it matters to Facebook ad sales.

Think of it this way:

According to studies, 75% of companies only buy computers every four years.

But does that mean that IBM, Apple, or whatever brand they are buying from should only advertise once every four years?


They keep marketing and rolling out ad campaigns to continue to stay relevant and top of mind to their consumers.

Same thing goes with cars.

The average consumer purchases a car once every ten years.

But every time you turn on the TV, watch a Youtube Video, or use social media, you see an ad for the latest car models.

Why? Because these car companies want to be the FIRST thing that pops into your mind when you start to research your next car.

The essence of the 95 – 5 rule of marketing is that the majority of your audience is not ready to buy right at this very moment.

BUT that you need to continue to nurture them through your marketing so that when they are – you are their first choice!

Especially when selling business to business this rule is essential.

Remember 95% of your audience is not ready to buy.

But don’t let that get you down!

Let that be a reminder to play the long game.

That 95% of people will be ready to convert in a few months or even years – and when they do, you want their investment coming your way!

And what is the best way to make sure 100% of your audience is being reached by your advertising efforts?

Facebook ad campaigns.

The 95-5 Rule and Facebook Ads

How does the 95-5 rules of advertising translate to Facebook advertising campaigns and more importantly Facebook ad sales?

Good question!

When you’re running a conversion campaign on Facebook, you’re targeting those 5% of people who are ready to buy.

The goal of conversion campaigns is to get people to take a meaningful action – whether that means opting into a lead form, making a sale, or even booking a consultation call.

When you look at the numbers Facebook gives you, you might initially be excited if Facebook tells you the potential reach of your ad is 10 million.

But when Facebook tells you your potential reach is 10 million – the percentage of people ready to buy is much smaller.

Remember, Facebook’s algorithm is incredibly intelligent when it comes to targeting. It’s going to analyze your audience and ONLY show your ad to the people it thinks are most likely to convert.

So if conversion campaigns are only targeting our hottest leads, the 5% who are ready to buy…what about the other 95%?

How can we make sure we’re continuously getting in front of them to leverage the 95-5 rule in advertising?

Let me tell you how we do it at Scaledriven.

How to Address the 95%

At our agency, there’s one campaign in particular we like to use to make sure we’re serving the 95% and nurturing future buyers.

And that campaign type is social branding campaigns.

These social branding campaigns usually come in the form of video content ads.

By repeatedly exposing your potential customers to video ads, you’ll be the first person they think of when the time comes for them to invest.

These social branding campaigns are not being run to attract immediate Facebook ad sales, but rather to give value and educate your audience.

Whether this is through video views campaigns or brand awareness campaigns, the goal is to get our audience to engage with and be exposed to our brand.

There is SO much power in growing a warm, nurtured Facebook ad audience.

We want to stay top of mind for when they DO become that 5%.

Some people would say that social branding campaigns don’t lead to Facebook ad sales.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Those who view your social branding campaign are on the road to becoming future buyers.

Because we are a conversion-driven agency, we still spend most of our clients’ budget on conversion campaigns. But we always save at least 10-15% of the budget for social branding campaigns so we can make sure that we’re not just targeting the low-hanging fruit…we’re targeting the ENTIRE pool of people in any given audience.

Although these campaigns may seem less gratifying because it doesn’t lead to immediate conversions – they are so important in the long run.

So don’t forget to integrate this investment into your budget.

The best part is – it doesn’t cost a lot to run an extremely effective brand awareness campaign. In fact, they’re so affordable that using these campaigns is one of our best strategies for lowering the cost per lead on Facebook.

So don’t skip out on this part of your advertising strategy!

Every person that comes across your brand is a future source of income.

Next Steps…

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