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Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It in 2022?

Are Facebook ads still worth it?

I’ve been hearing this question a ton from my community.

And I don’t blame them.

With the rising cost of Facebook ads, it’s easy to wonder if they’re still a worthwhile marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In fact, in one week, two separate friends toldl me that ads are super hard to run – and that the agencies they were working with didn’t know what they were doing.

Upon hearing this, I asked for clarification.

One of my friends told me the reason they weren’t satisfied with their ads agency was that they weren’t getting the same kind of results they were getting in 2020.

Back in 2020, he was running a challenge, and he was able to get signups for $20.

Now, in 2022, he’s having to pay $50 per signup.

Because of how much more expensive ads have gotten, he told me he hasn’t been able to scale.

Meanwhile, this same entrepreneur:

  • Hadn’t updated his offer
  • Hadn’t updated his funnel
  • Hadn’t updated his backend

I had to set him straight and serve up some serious truth when it comes to Facebook ads…

I told him:

Your ads aren’t the problem…your mindset is!

The biggest issue wasn’t the agency running his ads, but the expectation that Facebook ads should perform exactly like they did in 2020.

And that’s never going to happen – for several reasons.

We’re in a different time

When asking yourself “are Facebook ads worth it in 2022?” you have to remember…

A lot of businesses were built during the pandemic – specifically, online businesses.

Ad costs had plummeted which meant it was much easier to scale your campaigns for less.

Whereas now, a lot of businesses are getting back into the advertising game. And the more demand, the more expensive ads become.

Especially as many businesses gear up for the holiday season, ads are pricier than ever.

So…what’s the solution to be able to afford FB ads?

If you want to make Facebook ads worth it in 2022, you *have* to start practicing adaptability.

It’s time to evolve!

  • Update your funnel
  • Update your techniques
  • Update your marketing

Think about it like this.

I’m 35 years old.

Imagine if I complained that I didn’t have the flexibility and mobility of my 25-year-old self.

And every time I hit the gym and was super sore afterward…I told myself there must be something wrong with me.

I’d sound crazy.

The real problem would be the fact that I’m trying to do the same workout I did 10 years ago…

Without updating my gym technique
Without doing more of a warmup
Without being conscious of injuries

With this mentality, I’d likely on my gym workout prematurely.

Just like so many are prematurely giving up on ads.

What you need to remember is this:

The game has changed on Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are still worth it.

You just have to be willing to learn the new rules.

The people who are winning are the ones who are updating their knowledge – or investing in others who are up-to-date with current best practices.

You’ve got to either:

  1. Learn the strategies that are working NOW, in 2022, for Facebook ads
  2. Or hire people that know what they’re doing

The reason so many people are losing is that they’re trying to make Facebook ads work with an outdated mentality.

No matter what your qualm with Facebook is – you have a choice.

Complain about it.

Or learn the strategies and systems to win no matter what happens.

I could choose to complain about Facebook bugs and glitches that result in profiles being restricted from advertising

But instead, I’ve set up systems and processes so we know *exactly* what to do if this ever happens for an agency client. We’ve figured out how to work with the platform to get results, no matter what challenge they throw our way.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to become problem-solving experts. It’s to solve one problem after the other, over and over again.

In the words of the great Dan Kennedy, “The only place you don’t have to solve more problems as an entrepreneur is the graveyard”.

It’s time to re-adjust our expectations, roll up our sleeves, and start problem-solving when it comes to Facebook ads.

The sooner you can accept that it’s getting more expensive to acquire customers on Facebook, the better.

Once you’ve found that acceptance, you can start brainstorming creative solutions to lower your cost to sign clients.

Start With Your Funnel

The best place to start is by analyzing your funnel.

Trust me – this is going to be 1000x more effective than trying to force Facebook to lower your cost per acquisition.

Rather than obsessing over your cost-per-lead, try taking a deeper look at other metrics in your business.

How’s your average cart value looking? What’s the average lifetime value of your customers? How are your email sequences performing?

There are so many levers you can pull to start getting better results with your marketing that don’t necessarily have to do with ad costs.

Whenever I hear people doubting if Facebook ads are worth it, and complaining about how they’re not what they used to be…

My first response is always going to be, “What else are you doing to remain competitive in the current market?”

You’ll never be able to scale your marketing if you’re operating with an outdated mentality.

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