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B2B Facebook Ads: 3 Tips To Get More Leads For Your B2B Business

There’s a dangerous rumor going around in the B2B marketing world…

So many people seem to think that B2B Facebook ads just don’t really work. They’re under the false pretense that FB ads are strictly reserved for B2C businesses, or that they won’t be successful if they’re targeting other business owners.

But that couldn’t be more untrue.

We’re here to put this rumor to rest, once and for all.

Over the past six-plus years, we’ve spent over $60 million in ads and generated over $150 million in revenue for our clients. 

And guess what? 

80% of those transactions were business-to-business transactions. 

In fact, right now, nearly ALL of our clients are B2B. 

So today, I want to finally dispel the myth once and for all that you can’t find quality B2B leads using Facebook ads.

I’ll show you exactly how you can find high-quality B2B leads using social media ads – and why you should you care. 

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How To Make Sure Your B2B Facebook Ads *Actually* Work 

When a lot of our B2B clients come to us, they’ll tell us something like:

“Hey, I tried Facebook ads in the past in the past for my B2B offers…. and it didn’t work. We got some leads – but a lot of them didn’t end up showing up to sales calls or they were tire-kickers. The quality just wasn’t there!”

So how can you remedy this so that you don’t just get leads…you get high-quality leads? 

The answer is fairly simple, and it’s two-fold.

Tip #1: Use Highly Targeted Language In Your Copy 

First things first, you’ve got to be adamant with your copy. That goes for all Facebook ads, but especially B2B Facebook ads. 

You must know exactly who you’re speaking to, and address them directly in your ad.

Whether that’s financial advisors, insurance agents, realtors, or whoever else.

For example, if you were targeting real estate agents, you’d want to make sure that you call them in with a big, bold headline – something like, “Attention Real Estate Agents”. 

That is the simplest way to get people to raise their hand and say, “YES! I’m interested”.

Your copy should do 90% of the heavy lifting when it comes to your ad’s success.

Now, of course, there will be a segment of your leads who aren’t qualified for your offer – that’s going to happen no matter where you’re running ads. 

For instance, I’ve tried paid advertising on LinkedIn. And to be honest, I couldn’t make it work because the cost per lead was super high. Even if we were advertising on LinkedIn, the go-to place for B2B marketing, the reality is we’d STILL get some unqualified leads. 

Which is tip #2 is so important.

Tip #2: Use a Funnel Strategy To Filter Your Leads

No matter what kind of lead generation strategy you’re using, you want to make sure you’re filtering your traffic.

You might choose to do this by using:

  • An application form
  • A quiz 
  • Or any other kind of self-qualifying process

By using one of these filtering methods, you can make sure you’re getting leads who are *actually* qualified for your offer. You’ll be able to say goodbye to no-shows and time wasters and convert more prospects into clients.

The bottom line? You don’t want to be talking to just anybody that comes your way.

You want to talk to people who are ready to buy your products and services. And the best way to do that is by sending them to the right type of funnel.

Bonus Tip: Use Our Top-Secret Targeting Tool

I wanted to make sure we covered your messaging, copy and funnel before we moved on to targeting. 

Because so many people want to focus on targeting straight away – or blame targeting for their problems – when in reality, the problem is more foundational.

Honestly, you can be pretty broad with your targeting and STILL attract your ideal client if you’ve got your messaging and copy down pat.

But if you’ve taken care of the B2B Facebook ad foundations, and you’re ready to put some fuel on the fire…listen up.

We’ve got a kind of ‘secret weapon’ we’ve been using with our agency clients that has absolutely skyrocketed their results when it comes to targeting. 

And this secret weapon is something anyone can get access to once you’ve spent hit a certain ad spend threshold…

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The hidden advantage we’ve been using to increase our clients’ sales is something called third-party audiences. 

If you’ve used LinkedIn before, you probably know how advanced their targeting capabilities are. Well, by using third-party audiences, it’s like you’re getting LinkedIn-level targeting capabilities within Facebook. 

These third-party audiences use data that doesn’t come from Facebook but instead comes from Equifax, TransUnion, MasterCard, Visa, or other credit reporting agencies.

What makes these third-party audiences so powerful is that you’re able to target not only based on what someone likes on Facebook – but based on what someone consumes.

You’re able to get ultra-specific. Say you were targeting physiotherapists or chiropractors. You could actually target those folks based on if they have a license or not. 

It makes more extremely sophisticated targeting. 

That being said, try not to get too hung up on whether or not you have third-party tracking or not. While we use third-party data for most of our audiences and it helps you pinpoint your target in a better way, it’s not a requirement. 

What IS a requirement, as talked about above, is having a really strong call-to-action and messaging that automatically lets your prospect know they’re in the right place. In Dan Kennedy’s book, Speak To Sell, he refers to this as dog-whistling language. 

This means the copy specifically targets a select few rather than the masses. It’s deeply persuasive to the specific group you’re trying to target and will flag them the moment they read your headline.

Following messaging, you’ve got to have a solid filtering process for your leads. This factor takes place outside of your ads – it’s where you’re sending traffic.

And then, the bonus is to use something like third-party audiences to supercharge the effectiveness of your B2B Facebook ads. 

Do you have any follow-up questions about targeting B2B leads using Facebook ads? Be sure to let me know in the comments! 

And if you’ve tried Facebook ads for your B2B business in the past and failed – we can help you diagnose the problem. We can analyze everything from your copy, to your funnel and sales process to your messaging to find what needs tweaking.

We’ll not only give you ideas to get your ads performing better, but we’ll address your marketing machine as a whole. 

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