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What Are the Best Facebook Campaign Objectives To Run Right Now?

Are you curious to know what the BEST Facebook campaign objectives that we’re running with our ScaleDriven agency clients are?

Well then buckle up, because I’m about to share the full lowdown on our top-performing Facebook campaign objectives. You’ll learn why we choose certain objectives, and our best how-to tips for how to implement these types of campaigns yourself.

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Now that you’re signed up, let’s jump into the four best Facebook campaign objectives we’re using to generate massive results for our clients!

You’ll also find out what type of budget we’re using on each.

Facebook Campaign Objective #1: Conversions

So the first, and perhaps most obvious campaign objective is conversions.

Conversion campaigns still make up the lion’s share of our budget, sitting at 70-80%.


Because we’re a performance-based agency, and we’re obsessed with getting results for our clients.

And conversion campaigns are the #1 way to do that.

Now, depending on the funnel, you might choose a lead conversion objective or a conversion purchase objective.

But in order for these conversion campaigns to work, especially after iOS 14 updates, you want to make sure that you have proper tracking in place.

You need to be sending information back to the Facebook pixel. Because the more information the pixel gets, the smarter it becomes. And the smarter it becomes, the MORE leads and conversions Facebook will send your way!

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Facebook Campaign Objective #2: Lead Generation

Facebook ad campaign objective number two is a strong contender.

One of the biggest differences between lead generation campaigns and conversion campaigns is how they’re set up.

With conversion campaigns, you have to pay a premium because you’re asking someone to exit Facebook and go somewhere else.

Lead generation campaigns work a little differently on Facebook.

With b2b lead generation campaigns, when someone views your ad, a form will pop up where they can enter their details to opt-in – and then keep scrolling. Unlike conversion campaigns, lead gen campaigns keep users on the platform, which lowers the cost per lead.

Now, you might be thinking that lead generation campaigns will result in lower quality leads, or that the Facebook users who download your freebie won’t convert to real sales.

But back in my days of working with Frank Kern and Grant Cardone at the agency, this type of campaign was one of the most simple, yet also the most effective.

We would offer people a free PDF that they would opt in to get. And on that lead form, we had a question on that lead form that said, “Hey, if you need help with advertising, can we call you?”.

And if they said yes, that put them into our systems, so our sales team could call them and convert them into paying clients.

Lead generation campaigns are quickly becoming a go-to choice for those who want to lower their cost per lead while still getting massive results.

Facebook Campaign Objective #3: Engagement

The third Facebook campaign objective is one I’m currently loving, and that is engagement.

We run these for ourselves and for all of our clients, and they usually make up anywhere from 10-15% of the client’s budget, as well as our company’s budget.

Here’s the thing when it comes to engagement campaigns.

We’re not chasing likes for the sake of likes. We’re far more strategic.

Instead, we’re running campaigns with very specific video content.

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In a world where everyone is increasing their advertising costs, we’ve been able to use this strategy to do the exact opposite.

These cost-saving campaigns use the power of social branding. Engagement is such a viable Facebook campaign objective because it’s just so affordable right now.

Again, part of their affordability is due to the fact that you’re not asking anyone to leave the platform. You’re keeping Facebook users on Facebook, and Instagram users on Instagram.

And because of that, Facebook rewards you.

Now, you might be wondering… why are engagement campaigns so beneficial to business owners?

Engagement campaigns help nurture your prospects. They help you build repetitive exposure with your ideal clients, deepening the connection they have with your brand.

The more people consuming your content, the bigger an audience of warmed-up prospects you have – which can be SO beneficial when you’re ready to get into sell-mode.

Facebook Campaign Objective #4: Traffic

And lastly, we’ve got traffic as a campaign objective.

We use traffic campaigns, when we’re trying to get people to take action and get them back into the funnel.

Traffic campaigns work extremely well for retargeting campaigns.

Let me give you an example of how this would work.

Say you that you get someone to visit your landing page via a conversion campaign.

Well, a whole lot of people who land on your page will exit without signing up. This is where a traffic campaign comes in handy.

A traffic campaign helps get them back to your landing page so they take action and convert.

Remember, many prospects won’t convert on the first try. Retargeting via traffic campaigns is an awesome way to prompt them a second, third, or fourth time about what they’re missing out on.

Let me know in the comments…which one of these Facebook campaign objectives are you going to try next?

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