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Experiencing A Facebook Ads Performance Drop? Try This Quick Fix!

Are you suddenly experiencing a Facebook ads performance drop?

I’m going to show you how to turn things around!

This is the exact strategy we use in my 7-figure Facebook ads agency.

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But if you’re looking for a quick fix to try after a sudden Facebook ads performance drop, try this. 👇

Explaining The All-Too-Common Facebook Ads Performance Drop

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

You launch a campaign, and for the first couple of days, it’s absolutely crushing it!

You’re ecstatic.

But then, after a week or two, it completely tanks and your Facebook ad stops performing.

Your initial excitement wanes.

Before you get too frustrated, this is actually really common.

In this first day or two that your ad is up, Facebook is reaching the leads that are MOST likely to buy your product.

But after a few days, you’ll begin to get more accurate numbers when it comes to your campaign results.

This is why I always warn my students to wait 24-48 hours before checking their campaign results.

So before you panic about a drop in performance, wait.

But if your ad has already been up for a while, and THEN the performance starts to drop…what should you do?

Here’s my best tip for you.

How To Counteract A Drop in Your Facebook Ads Performance

If you’re running a Facebook campaign and it’s working really well, and then it stops working, here’s what I want you to do.

Refresh your creatives.

By refreshing your creatives, I mean making slight tweaks to the images, copy, and/or video assets you’re using in your campaign.

At Scale Driven, we fresh creatives every week for our clients, and depending on how much money we’re managing for them, we might refresh creatives every couple of days.

The good news?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

If you have a couple of ads that are performing really well, what you want to do is make slide tweaks to those ads.

For example, I’m going to be running a campaign soon, and I’ll be recording 10-15 videos for it.

And out of those 10-15 videos, 3-4 of them might perform really well.

So once I find my top performers in the set, I’ll grab those winners and make small changes to them.

I might change the thumbnail, trim a couple of seconds here and there, update the video copy, or change the first line.

All of a sudden we’ve gotten a LOT more mileage out of one video. We’re able to take a video that’s already performing well and optimize it further, getting us even better results.

The reality is, Facebook is constantly trying to get the platform fresh.

It wants a constant stream of new content to keep its users engaged longer.

Targeting on Facebook is relatively easy. But where Facebook ads get a bit trickier is at the creative level.

When you refresh creatives, we’re able to grab the audiences that are working and then just re-launch new creatives to those same audiences.

Once you find the audiences that are working well for your product/services, the name of the game is to repeatedly show them new ads and creatives.

When you launch new creatives, usually the cost to acquire customers, leads, and impressions all goes down.

So if you’ve seen a Facebook ads performance drop, roll up your sleeves, get into your ads manager, and start making some new variations of your top-performing ads!

Most people DON’T do this.


Because it’s a whole lot of work!

At ScaleDriven, we have an entire team working on these creative refreshes – from graphic designers to copywriters, strategists, and more.

So yes, it does take extra time and effort.

But if you want your ads to start performing again, refreshing your creatives is the key.

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And if you still have any doubts that creative refreshes are the cure to a Facebook ads performance drop, trust me when I tell you that this is the strategy the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are using.

I still remember when I was watching Russell Brunson on stage talking about this Traffic Secrets book launch.

At one point, we had about 25 different creatives he was cycling through.

And as I always say, if the top dogs in online business are doing it – you should be doing it too!

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