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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Growing Your Facebook Ad Audience

Are you consistently investing in growing an engaged Facebook ad audience?

Lots of people think they only need to be running Facebook ads when they’ve got something to sell.

But they couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, you should always be running ads to grow your Facebook ad audience. Yes…even when you’re not actively selling.

In this post, I want to share a case study on how our agency is running a campaign that’s generating a 3x ROAS by tapping into the power of Facebook audiences.

Not only has it generated sales on the front end, but it’s also allowed us to close more sales on the backend, by helping us book sales calls for our agency.

(P.S…If you’re interested in how to get similar results for your business, book a growth call with our team and we’ll let you know how we can help you scale with Facebook ads.)

In this post, we’ll cover:

  1. How to Build An Engaged Facebook Ad Audience
  2. How to Scale Your Funnel With A Facebook Ad Audience
  3. And 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Building Your Audience on Facebook

Let’s get into it.


How To Build An Engaged Facebook Ad Audience

If you’re thinking about your overall advertising budget, you want to make sure you’re dedicating at least 10-15% to audience-building.

The most effective (and affordable) way to do this is through video content ads.

The way this works is you target your customers with specific videos, ones that you know will get them hooked. Facebook then measures video views.

When people consume your video, they’ll get shown more content. And eventually, after consuming enough of your content, they’ll see your offers, too.

Facebook closely monitors the percentage of your video viewed. So, for people that consume between 25 to 95% of our content, we put them in a custom audience where we show them more content to further help them out.

We currently have built this audience up to 24,000.

This is the number of people that have watched our content over the past 30 days.

Our videos are usually 3-5 minutes long, and they’re helpful clips that address people at the top of the funnel.

So we currently have 24,000 people that have consumed at least 25% of our video content, and we have 21,000 that have consumed 95% of our videos.

This segment of our audience is highly engaged as they’re consuming almost the entire video.

How We Scaled Our Funnel By Growing Our Audience on Facebook Ads

This kind of campaign is something you can have on almost in perpetuity, just running in the background.

Here’s how we’ve incorporated this strategy into our overall funnel here at ScaleDriven.

We’re currently running a campaign that sends people to our signature framework product. This is a $97 offer that we sell on the front end.

Currently, this ad’s received:

  • 22,000 impressions
  • 202 unique clicks
  • 18 conversions

On this $97 product, you’ve got upsells and downsells, so the average cart value of this funnel ends up being $122.

Again, this ad for the $97 product goes out to our engaged audience. It’s a dynamic ad that’s shown to people who have interacted with or consumed our content. 

They may have also visited our website, messaged us on Facebook, or had any other interactions with our brand.

When we look at the results of this campaign, we can see…

  • The average cost per purchase is $31, for an average return of $122 in total cart value 
  • We spent $564 and made $1700 back
  • We achieved a 3x ROAS

But here’s where things start to get really interesting…

These are all front-end results, but where we make our real money is on the backend.

We’re able to track backend results by using third-party data.

And just from growing an engaged Facebook ad audience, continuously showing them our content, and then pitching them a low-ticket offer…

We’ve been able to generate six applications for our agency.

So out of the 18 buyers of our framework product, six people were ready to apply to have a sales conversation with us about running their ads.

On the backend, this looks like presenting prospects with an offer to work with 1-1 if they’re wanting more support after they’ve purchased our product.

The strategy behind our funnel is this…

We don’t actually make money on our front-end products. All we do with that money is use it to purchase more advertising.

We make our money on the backend. Because we sell high-ticket agency services, we only need to close one or two of the six leads to have this campaign be extremely profitable.

Why You Need To Be Growing Your Warm Traffic By Using a Facebook Ad Audience

We find that building a warm, nurtured Facebook ad audience helps your business’s profitability, for so many reasons. Here are just a few of them to show you why you should be adopting this strategy.

Your Warm Leads Are Easier To Close

Do you want to know what is so phenomenal about the six agency applications that were generated from this campaign?

These leads are going to be THAT much easier to close.

The leads that have been watching your videos, interacting with your content, and purchasing your low-ticket products already have a baseline level of trust with you, making them an easy yes.

Your Warm Leads Have a Higher Lifetime Value

Something else we’ve noticed is that the leads that come from this Facebook ad audience have the highest lifetime value.

They’re the ones that are the first to jump at your new offers. They’re the ones that resign again and again. They never go cold because they’re continually being exposed to your brand through strategic engagement campaigns.

Your Warm Leads Will Convert Down The Line

Here’s what makes our strategy different than so many other ad agencies.

Most marketing agencies just focus on putting a couple of ads together and pushing them out to cold traffic.

But here’s the thing.

There’s a huge pool of people out there who know your brand and love your brand – but they just might not be ready to buy right now.

Maybe they’ll be ready to buy a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, or even twelve months from now.

But the only way you’ll be able to easily convert them down the line is if you’ve been nurturing them with helpful content in the meantime.

Want to work with my team to craft a social ads campaign that gets you a 3x ROAS? Our results speak for themselves.

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