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How To Analyze Facebook Ad Performance And Make Sure Your Ads Are Working

One of the most common questions we get from our community is about how to analyze Facebook ad performance.

We hear it all the time:

“How do I know my ads are working?”

And I get it.

You pour so much time, energy, and money into creating these epic campaigns – you want to be sure it’s all paying off.

And then to make matters worse, ever since the launch of IOS 14, you’re hearing non-stop about how fellow entrepreneurs’ campaigns have been dropping as a result.

And so our community comes running to us, panicking about if their campaigns are performing well or not.

While we are always here to help answer your questions – I want to teach you how to measure this metric yourself.

That way, you’ll feel empowered by learning to read metrics and analyze your Facebook ad performance.

And I promise you, it’s not a complicated process.

In fact – there is one simple metric you will need to understand to see if your Facebook campaign is performing or not.

But before I explain it all – let’s get a basic understanding of what I mean by “performing well”.

What Does “Performing Well” Even Mean When It Comes To Facebook Ads?

When talking about Facebook advertising… what do we even mean by “Performing Well”?

The purpose of Facebook advertising is to drive clicks to your website.

  • It’s not about selling a product or service.
  • It’s not about getting a lead.

It’s about taking that viewer from your chosen advertising platform (in this case, Facebook) onto your landing page or website.

Of course, once they land on your page you are hoping that they purchase something, join your email list or apply to work with you.

BUT – that is not the initial goal of the Facebook ad campaign.

The goal is to drive clicks.

Different campaigns have different strengths.

For example:

  • Some campaigns will help build brand authority.
  • Some campaigns will allow you to build rapport with your audience.
  • Some campaigns will be used to pre-qualify your leads.

But ultimately you want your copy to activate your viewers to visit your website to take the next step.

So when we talk about “Ad Performance” this is what we’re referring to. If your ad is successful, your audience is clicking on it and exit the app to learn more about you and your offer.


The #1 Metric For Learning How To Analyze Facebook Ad Performance

So how do you know if your ads are achieving that number one goal of getting clicks?

How do you know if all the hard work you put into this campaign is paying off?

The very first thing I want you to do is to focus on ONE SIMPLE METRIC.

The metric I suggest is the one you have at the forefront of your advertising dashboard.

I’m talking about CTR.

Specifically, Unique Outbound CTR which stands for Unique Outbound Click Through Rate.

This one metric is the place to look to know if your audience is actually landing on your website from your ad campaign.

Remember – there will be a lot of different CTRs to choose from.

But the one you want to pay attention to understand your campaign performance is the Unique Outbound CTR.


Because this metric is counting how many people are exiting the app.

Not just how many people are viewing your ad or clicking through the ad.

It’s great if people are viewing your ad.

But a successful ad campaign actually convinces people to take action and visit your website.

How to Interpret Unique Outbound CTR?

So, once you’ve started to pay attention to your Unique Outbound CTR, we can begin to tackle the question of how to analyze your Facebook ad performance.

It’s all about interpreting your CTR data.

There is a threshold for you to watch out for that will tell you if your ad campaign is performing well.

If you have a unique outbound CTR of 1% you are right on the money. You have nothing to worry about.

The percentage just means that for every 100 views you got 1 outbound click – and that’s great news!

If your unique outbound CTR is 2%, you’re doing really well. Your ads are working at an above-average rate!

And if your Unique outbound CTR is at 3% you are knocking it out of the park.

If you’ve got anything about 1% it’s time to scale your campaign and keep growing.

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What to Do When Your Unique Outbound CTR is Below 1%?

So if you’ve gone and looked at your Unique Outbound CTR and you’ve found it below 1%… what do you do?

At this point, it’s time to focus on strategy, copy, and targeting.

Because people might be seeing your ad – but they are not clicking on your ad.

They are not taking any action.

So now it’s time to reinvest your efforts into creating an ad that stops the scroll, and reaches the right audience through strategic Facebook ad targeting.

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