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So Your Advertising Access Is Restricted On Facebook? Here’s How To Fix It

So your advertising access is restricted on Facebook, and you want to learn how to fix it?

You’ve come to the right place!

There’s been a massive amount of shutdowns on Facebook lately, especially targeted toward Facebook pages and Facebook profiles.

Many people tend to think that a Facebook page being banned from advertising is the end of the world. But as a Facebook ads agency owner, I’ve seen this problem a million times over.

Our team has successfully remedied this problem for clients – as well as set up best practices so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Over the years, we’ve developed processes and frameworks to avoid Facebook pages and profiles from being banned or restricted.

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“HELP! Why is my Facebook page restricted from advertising?”


Let’s talk a little bit about why your Facebook page might be banned from advertising in the first place.

All of the major advertising platforms are regularly making changes to the way their algorithm works. They’re constantly trying to improve their AI and machine learning to optimize the platform.

And a lot of the time, they’re making these changes without telling their users in advance.

As advertisers, we just log on one day to find out the platform’s released an update.

At ScaleDriven, we often notice Facebook is making changes when we see major fluctuations in CPMs (Cost per 1000 impressions).

The second clue that Facebook is making changes is we start to see an uptick in complaints from our community that their Facebook profiles and pages are being banned from advertising or shut down completely.

One type of business that’s the most susceptible to Facebook bans and restrictions is eCommerce brands.

A common reason for being banned has to do with delivery times.

After a customer purchases from an e-commerce store they found on Facebook, Facebook will check in with them.

A couple of weeks after purchase, Facebook will ask users if they received their order.
They started this practice to fight against e-commerce scams.

But it’s started to hurt genuine e-commerce companies who are simply struggling with delayed shipping times (this is especially common in the drop-shipping game).

So whenever a user tells Facebook they haven’t received their order, or it took too long to ship, Facebook will penalize the merchant that sold to them.

Facebook will lower your quality scoring if your customers report problems with shipping.

Even if you’re a legitimate business that does everything by the book – they’re punishing pages across the board.

And now, in 2022, we’re even seeing pages that are NOT e-comm being banned from advertising.

It’s hard to identify the exact cause for every shutdown, but what I do know is this:

It’s not a matter of whether or not you’ll experience an advertising ban or restriction on Facebook…it’s a matter of when you’ll experience one.

If you keep advertising on Facebook long enough, sooner or later, you’ll experience some kind of issue.


What To Do If Your Facebook Page Is Banned From Advertising


As I said, we’ve been able to successfully navigate this issue for many of our agency clients.

There are a few things to keep in mind to effectively deal with a ban or restriction on your Facebook page.

The next time you realize your advertising access is restricted on Facebook…here’s how you’ll fix it!


Diversify And Have A Backup


The first thing you want to keep in mind is to diversify.

When you’re running campaigns, always work with more than one asset in case your campaign gets shut down.

You want to take the same approach when it comes to managing your page.

Never put all your eggs in one basket by having one sole admin on your page.

Have multiple admins on your business page or profile – whether these be employees, a friend or even your spouse.

If your Facebook profile is hit with a ban or restriction, having a second admin will allow you to maintain access to your ads.

Having just one admin on your Facebook business manager poses a huge threat to advertisers.

If you get personally restricted from your ads manager and you have no backup admin, your ads could actually keep running without you being able to turn them off.

This means that Facebook could keep charging you. You’ll keep spending, with no control over your campaigns.

Don’t put yourself in this position, and get yourself a couple of admins, ASAP.

The more you can diversify the better.

We set our clients up with:

  • Multiple admins
  • Multiple assets
  • Multiple pages

Just to be safe.

For example, we’re running ads for a client right now and they have an event coming up.

Just our luck, their Facebook page got restricted from advertising as they were trying to get event signups.

They didn’t do anything wrong, but Facebook was simply going on a rampage.

Our agency has contact with high-level reps at Facebook, and even though they’re pretty responsive with us, it can still take a few days to get things resolved.

So what did we do?

Luckily, we were able to simply switch the page and keep the ads running, because we’d set the client up with a second page.

Once you get access back, you can switch the campaigns back to your main page.

The key to not losing momentum with your campaigns is to have a backup so you can immediately pivot – and keep on getting those leads and sales.


Prioritize Campaign Maturity Over Get-Rich-Quick Schemes


The second thing you want to make sure of is that you’re using Facebook ads by the book.

Many advertisers start using ads with the mentality that they want to get leads and sales as quickly as possible.

And while we do promise that our agency will help you get results MUCH faster than if you try to do it yourself…

Speed is not our #1 priority.

Facebook WILL reward you with leads and sales if you use their system, properly.

And it will punish you if you try to circumvent their system or “hack” your way to success.

This is why I never recommend buying ad accounts or going through Team Viewer, or any other black-hat Facebook marketing tactic.

That is not how legitimate business is conducted.

You want to prioritize campaign longevity over all else.

It’s far better to start off slowly and surely than to prioritize speed and get shut down a few weeks later.


Contact Facebook Customer Support


If your Facebook profile is restricted from advertising, you want to reach out to customer support straight away.

A lot of people seem to think Facebook’s support chat is useless, but it’s not.

It does, however, require patience and persistence.

I like to think of Facebook support a little bit like an airline’s customer support.

You might have to call an airline ten times, but if you keep trying, you’ll eventually get someone who’s nice and takes the time to hear you out and solve your problem.

Is it ideal?

Not exactly. And that’s why our clients love having us deal with Facebook instead of spending their precious time trying to contact FB support.

But eventually, you will get through, and Facebook *will* provide you with some sort of solution.

Facebook page restrictions are never fun, but there IS a way to deal with them effectively.

By having a backup option, staying legit and avoiding scammy practices, and reaching out to Facebook for support, you’ll be able to get your ads back up and running in no time.

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