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Lead Quality Lacking? Here’s How To Generate Qualified Leads With Facebook Ads

Have you been struggling to generate qualified leads on Facebook?

If you’ve found yourself hopping on the phone with people who can’t actually afford your services, or just simply aren’t a fit for your program…

I wrote this post for you.

Lead generation is fruitless if none of the leads you generate can afford what you’re offering.

Your Facebook ads need to attract qualified leads who are willing AND able to buy your products and services.

If you just attract leads who are willing – they might be super interested in what you have to offer, but they just simply don’t have the means to pay for it.

And if you just attract leads who are able – they might have the resources to pay for your product or service, but they’re not willing to go through with your solution. Perhaps they don’t see the value in it, they’re more attracted to a competitor, or something else entirely.

That’s why willing AND able is the sweet spot.

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Why You’re Not Generating Qualified Leads With Facebook Ads

So let’s talk about why you might currently be struggling with lead quality.

We have a ton of clients who come to us hesitant to jump back into the paid ads game.

They often tell us they’ve tried using paid ads in the past, and the lead quality just wasn’t there.

Maybe they were getting leads who flaked on sales calls or just weren’t even qualified to become a client in the first place.

Because their lead quality was lacking, they decided to move away from paid advertising and instead focus on their referral process and organic marketing efforts.

But here’s the problem with comparing leads generated from paid ads and leads generated from referrals and SEO…

You’re comparing two fundamentally different marketing strategies that shouldn’t be placed in the same category.

Instead of comparing apples to oranges, you need a unique process to qualify leads and turn them into clients for paid ads that DIFFERS from your referral process.

When it comes to referrals, they’re incredibly easy to close.

You’ll be referred by someone, and then most likely just need one or two calls to close the prospect.

While the biggest pro when it comes to referrals and organic leads is how easy they are to close, the biggest con is their lack of scalability.

Referrals and organic leads are incredible, but they’re difficult to scale. You can turn on a tap and get leads on demand the same way you can with paid ads.

The Solution To Increasing Your Lead Quality Through Facebook Ads

There are various factors you need to consider when building a strategy that generates qualified leads on autopilot through Facebook ads.

Factor #1: Targeting

The first thing is the targeting of your ads. Who are you targeting?

Because here’s harsh truth….

If you don’t know how to successfully target people with money on Facebook, you’ll unknowingly attract a broke audience.

By default, Facebook will show your ads to a broad range of people. Some of those people might be unemployed or on welfare, or simply not in the income bracket required to afford your product or service.


Because Facebook’s machine learning is trying to get you a good CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), cost-per-click, cost-per-lead…whatever you set your campaign objective to be.

But the reality is, it doesn’t matter how low you’re paying for your leads if they can’t afford what you’re offering.

As a general rule of thumb, cheap leads almost never equate to good customers.

The Secret To Generating Qualified Leads: Facebook Ads Income Targeting

At our agency, ScaleDriven, we’re able to target wealthy leads based on their net worth for our clients.

However, this capability isn’t available within Facebook. You need to master third-party tracking strategies to get the incredible benefits targeting by income offers.

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The Rule Of Thumb For Targeting High-Ticket Clients on Facebook Ads

A good guideline my team and I use when it comes to targeting premium clients on Facebook is this:

You want to make sure that you’re targeting people with an income 10x higher than your product or service.

So, for example, if your coaching program is $10,000, you want to make sure that you’re targeting individuals making $100,000 a year or more.

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Factor #2: Copy

The second thing you need to do to generate qualified leads on Facebook is to be SUPER intentional in your copy.

Your ad needs to directly address the specific type of client you’re looking to attract.

If you forget these key step, you’ll find unqualified leads slipping into your funnel.

Despite being in the ads game for eight years, I actually made this error myself recently.

We were running ads for our Facebook ads coaching program. We were using the right strategies to attract clients who had the money for the program, so the leads had the resources to join.

But we realized that even though they had the means to invest, they were total newbies.

They’d never run an ad before.

However, our high-end coaching program is more geared toward people who have some experience running ads, but want to get better results and scale their campaigns.

We kept hopping on the phone with total beginners who we couldn’t really help. I knew I had to do some troubleshooting to see where we were going wrong.

When I started looking into our ads, I saw that although we’d gotten our targeting right, we’d made an error with our copy.

This particular campaign was a dynamic ad, which means Facebook will take your various images and various copy sets and mix and match them depending on which ones are getting the most clicks.

I soon realized where the issue lays. A couple of the images I’d fed Facebook had text on them that said:

“How to create and launch Facebook ads that work (even if it’s your first campaign!)”

At that moment, I understood there was a huge disconnect between what we were saying in our ads and who we actually wanted to attract.

If you want to target more advanced clients, you need to make sure you’re writing copy that speaks to someone who’s trying to get to their next level – not someone who’s just starting out.

A great example of this is Frank Kern’s Podcast, Your Next Million.

There’s a very strategic reason why it’s called your next million rather than your first million.

He’s calling in entrepreneurs who have already hit a certain threshold.

In order to call in more advanced Facebook ads users, I changed the wording on the ad to be more along the lines of, “Here’s how you can get better results with your Facebook ads”.

This verbiage implies you’re already getting *some* results with Facebook ads – and now you’re looking to take things to the next level.

By implementing this one simple change, we were able to dramatically increase the quality of the leads we were getting from this Facebook campaign.

Make sure your messaging and copy of your ads is congruent with the people you’re targeting.

We have another client who just started with us. He helps healthcare practitioners. He sought out our help because he was getting a ton of unqualified people in his funnel.

We’re remedying this in two ways:

  1. Through using third-party targeting tools to specifically target people who ARE physicians (not simply people who have an interest in physicians or becoming a physician!)
  2. But secondly, by being super adamant and calling in their ideal client in the text on the ad itself.

In our ads, we’re pre-qualifying people by saying something like, “Are you a health practice owner making at least $5k/month? Click here.”

Or, “Is your health practice successful but you’re starting to feel burnt out? Keep reading for the solution.”

Both of these types of headlines ensure we’re speaking to people who already have a health practice that’s doing well and they’re looking to take it to the next level!

Factor #3: Make Your Prospect Jump Through Hoops

The third step to generate qualified leads through Facebook ads is to make your prospect jump through hoops before they reach out and book a call.

This concept stems from Dan Kennedy’s belief that if you’re offering a good product or service that’s positioned correctly within the marketplace… at some point, you will be outnumbered. Meaning the demand for what you’re offering will surpass your capacity.

Even if you wanted to serve everyone in your marketplace, you couldn’t.

So we want to make sure that you’re only getting on the phone to talk to the most committed, perfect-fit clients.

For our agency clients, this often looks like some sort of qualifying questionnaire they need to fill out before booking a call with you or your team.

It might also mean they’ve watched some sort of free training.

Whatever it is, they’re already slightly bought into you and your process.

They know your pricing, your offer details, and how you work, and they still want to move forward.

Having a process like this will help you successfully generate qualified leads and weed through time-wasters or people who just aren’t a good fit for your offer.

When you target the right people with the right income, you’re speaking directly to them in your copy and imagery AND you’re making your prospect put in a little legwork…

Then you’ll no longer have to deal with low-quality leads.

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