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2 Things Business Owners Can Do To Increase Holiday Season Sales

Are you a business owner looking to increase your holiday season sales?

If so, I have two words for you.

Start early.

The sooner you can start prepping your business for the holiday season, the better.

The holiday season (November and December) can easily be one of the most lucrative times of the year if you properly set yourself up for success.

Keep reading to learn how!

2 Genius Marketing Strategies To Increase Holiday Season Sales

I want to tell you about two genius marketing strategies for a profitable holiday season that I learned from one of my most successful agency clients at ScaleDriven.

This client, who was in the online education/digital product space, always killed it during the holidays.

In fact, one year they were so successful they basically did their entire year’s worth of revenue during holiday season sales – between Black Friday and Christmas.

It was insane!

Today I want to share with you two really important things they did that set them apart and allowed them to absolutely dominate during the holiday season.

Preparation Strategy #1: Prioritize Email List Growth

If you’ve ever advertised during the holiday season, you know from experience it’s pricey.

November and December are by far the most expensive months of the year to advertise.


Because big, world-class brands that have millions of dollars in budget to spend, pour a ton of their advertising dollars into campaigns to produce holiday season sales.

This results in an increase in cost to acquire customers, and an increase in CPMs and cost per click on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Costs will start to slowly rise at the beginning of October, with a peak happening by Black Friday, and another peak at Christmas time.

By the beginning of January, things begin to rebalance themselves.

So here’s what my client did to combat the rising advertising costs during the holiday season.

They prepared WELL in advance.

The first strategy they used was to funnel a ton of cash into email list growth and nurturing.

They prioritized lead magnet creation and promotion, lead generation campaigns on Facebook, and sending regular nurture emails to deepen the relationship with leads on their list.

Part of the reason they would go so bullish with email is that they knew they were going to hammer their list like crazy during their holiday season sales.

To do that, they needed:

  1. An email list growth so that they’d have more people to sell to
  2. To build relationships with their email list so that people would be warmed up by the holiday season

That way, by the time November rolled around, their audience would be primed to buy.

Preparation Strategy #2: Prioritize Building Your Facebook Audience

The second thing we did together was to put anywhere from 25 to 30% of their advertising budget on pushing out their content, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

They were producing high-quality, helpful video content, and we’d put advertising dollars behind them to reach a wider audience.

The strategy we used was to create custom audiences based on the people who consumed their content.

Anyone who engaged with their page, clicked on the ads, or consumed the video would get placed into a custom Facebook ad audience

At the end of the day, we had two main audiences.

We had a BIG email list that we’d been nurturing through value-driven emails.

And we also had a large custom audience that was already warmed up and familiar with the brand through their helpful content.

So come the holiday season, we would turn off any ads that had to do with cold prospecting – meaning people that hadn’t heard of us yet.

Instead of cold traffic campaigns, we’d put our entire focus (and budget) towards retargeting.

We’d focus heavily on retargeting this custom audience who was already warm.

And the results were phenomenal.

This business knew it was more worth their time to build up their audience during the summer and fall because those were the people most likely to convert during their holiday season sales.

Plus, they saved a TON of money, because cold traffic campaigns get so pricey during November and December.

These two things (building their email list and custom Facebook audience) gave them a tremendous edge when it came to driving traffic to their offers.

Because at the end of the day, during the holiday season people wanna spend. And they’re on the lookout for deals!

You want that traffic and those eyeballs on your offer.

But what you DON’T want is to have to pay $20 per click on a cold traffic campaign.

If you want to save money on advertising costs while boosting holiday season sales like my client, I recommend doing two things.

  1. Go ham on your email list. Prioritize list growth as well as nurture campaigns!
  2. Build those audiences within Facebook. I talk a lot about branding campaigns on my YouTube channel and give even more detail in my FREE Class, the 100 Million Method. Watch it here to learn more.

I talk about how to lower your cost to acquire customers by using content-heavy campaigns, which is something that we deploy for all our clients, especially before the holiday season.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start prep to increase holiday season sales.

As the saying goes…the early bird gets the worm.

Start preparing NOW by watching our free class to learn how to create profitable, cost-effective campaigns.

Tune in here.