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Recession Marketing: How To Thrive On Facebook In An Economic Downturn

Let’s talk about recession marketing.

Because there’s simply no denying it.

We are headed into an economic recession.

Our economy is “cooling down” so to speak.

And as a business owner, you might start panicking and thinking –

“Is business going to cool down?”

“Will I make it through this financial crisis?”

“Am I completely doomed?”

And I am here to tell you that contrary to popular belief, we as business owners have a fantastic opportunity ahead of us.

Especially if you start leveraging Facebook marketing.

If you commit to your Facebook ad campaigns you have the ability to win big over the next few months.

As markets have started to shift and change – you may have heard that Facebook is coming up short on its earnings.

The stock prices are dropping.

And because this platform has started stumbling…all of a sudden businesses are taking their budgets out of Facebook.

But that is exactly where your opportunity lies to harness the power of this platform during this financial crisis.

2 Recession Marketing Tips For Times of Economic Downturn


When the economy heads into crisis mode you see some businesses absolutely flop – and a few of them absolutely take off.

And we want you among the latter.

Be one of the entrepreneurs who leverages our current circumstances and rises to the challenge.

With the right strategies – your business can come out on top.

So here are the two things you can do to take advantage of the financial crisis to grow your business:

1. Take Advantage of Free inventory

Typically what happens during a financial crisis is that companies, regardless of their size, withdraw their funds from advertising.

Whether they’re small businesses just getting started, or massive corporations spending millions every month on ads, they bail at the slightest signs of a financial downturn.

What does that mean for business owners who are ready to do what it takes to survive this crisis?

It means there is a ton of free inventory that can be acquired.

Because so many people are pulling their budgets out of advertising, the cost per advertisement will drop.

And as a smaller business or entrepreneur – that is a game changer.

As soon as these big platforms lower their costs per advertisement…you get in there and invest.

And now you no longer need to have tens of millions of dollars to invest in these platforms.

The pressure is down.

And when the pressure is down:

  • The cost to acquire a LEAD goes down
  • The cost to acquire a CLICK goes down
  • The cost to acquire an ADVERTISEMENT goes down

And overall, your investment to acquire a customer for a small business is at an all-time low.

It’s an amazing opportunity.

This is your secret weapon to surviving a financial crisis and growing your business.

Just keep advertising by using all this free inventory.

Don’t give up.

Don’t get lazy.

Take advantage of these prices and be patient. You’ll come out on top.

2. Be the Expert They Need

Now, this second recession marketing tip is especially for entrepreneurs who are running ads for other people’s businesses.

But – it’s important for business owners of all kinds.

When the economy is flourishing and doing well, big businesses are booming and they tend to be more relaxed with their marketing and sales strategy.

I mean, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it, right?

So, businesses won’t be paying as much attention to things like…

*Their follow-up sequences.

*Their sales processes

*Even the success of their campaigns.

If sales are looking good… why mess with them?

But – when the economy starts tanking and things start to drop off – they are completely lost.

So small business owners – especially B2B entrepreneurs – have a great opportunity here.


Because these big businesses will need to start hiring experts like yourself to take a closer look at their sales conversion process.

So all of my fellow marketers, agencies, and consultants…you’re in luck!

Especially if you’re a performance-based agency like ScaleDriven which has a proven track record.

You have the power to help other businesses.

And that will make you the most employable person in town.

When the economy starts struggling and businesses feel the impact – they will jump to hire you to help them.

This is a fantastic time to acquire clients. There are so many people who need your work!

BONUS – Recession Marketing Tip: Take Advantage of The Extra Attention

And finally, the reality is – when bigger companies start taking their budgets out of these platforms – that there’s another opportunity to be had.

The more people start pulling their advertising budgets, the more attention can be given to YOUR campaigns.

So seize the opportunity!

These platforms are too used to being spread thin between so many campaigns.

And with people dropping like flies it’s your time to get in there and take your space.


So remember: when the fear mongering starts, and you hear people saying:

“Good luck surviving this recession.”


“Don’t you miss your old corporate gig?”

Don’t let that get to you.

Stick to your guns.

Keep. On. Advertising.

There is so much opportunity to be found in a financial crisis.

And if you want more recession marketing tips so you can keep your advertising campaigns healthy and strong no matter what the circumstances are, we’ve got something for you.

Go ahead and register for my upcoming class “The 100 Million Webinar”.

We’ll be teaching you all the best techniques for running and scaling your advertising campaigns.

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