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How To Increase Customer Lifetime Value With This Genius Facebook Ads Strategy

Are you looking to get MORE out of their existing customers by learning how to increase customer lifetime value through ads?

If you raised your hand, you’re in the right place.

Being able to increase your customer lifetime value (or LTV for short!) is one of the most important factors in scaling your business.

If your customers are just buying one low-ticket item here or there, you might see your growth plateau – or even decline.

But if instead, you tweak your ads strategy using the steps I show you, you’ll turn your customer’s into lifelong fans who allow your business growth to accelerate like crazy.

These steps we’re showing you will work for any business, whether you’re offering:

  • Low-ticket info products
  • Books
  • High-ticket coaching
  • Courses
  • SAAS products
  • Subscription services

Or whatever else!

This is a 3-step strategy that usually makes up about 10-15% of our clients’ budgets.

I want to give you a quick primer on this highly effective strategy, but if you’re ready to learn it in more detail, I highly recommend checking out our FREE class on the 100M Method.

In the training, I show you exactly how we’ve used this technique to generate over 100 million in revenue for some of the biggest names in online business.

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Not only do these campaigns work incredibly well for increasing your customer lifetime value…but you won’t have to break the bank using them, either.

So let me show you how to use this affordable and effective strategy to start getting more from your leads!

1. Show Our Ideal Audience Pieces of Content

The very first step in this strategy is to show your ideal customers pieces of valuable content.

Usually these content pieces are videos.

You want to make sure that these videos are helping and engaging for your ideal client, whether they’re a chiropractor, architects, business owners, or even dog moms.

Understanding your ideal clients, and their problems, desires and goals is key to success with this first step.

Guidelines For Video Content

Always test your videos. We recommend starting by showing 5 different videos to your audience and see which one resonates with them the most.

Keep them in the sweet spot. We’ve found the best length of video is about five minutes. These videos aren’t so short that your audience just glosses over them, but they’re not so long that they start to bore them, either.

Stay casual. You might find a super polished, professional video would do best. But in reality, we’ve found that recording these vertically, selfie-style actually works best.

Cut them square. The reason square videos are the better option is because you can get more reach and more bang for your buck by using them across both Facebook AND Instagram.

Now, what we’ll do with these videos is we’ll run either a video views campaign or an engagement campaign, and we’ll run these to our ideal demographic.

If they see the video and end up becoming clients now? That’s great!

But if not, these videos are planting a seed for them to work with you 3, 6 or even 12 months down the line.

2. Create A Custom Audience For People Who Consume Your Content

Once you created 5 five-minute long videos, the second step is to create a custom Facebook ad audience.

This custom audience is going to be for people who watch the videos.

At our agency, anyone who watches between 25-95% of the video gets placed into this custom audience.

When you think about the fact that some people are watching 95% of the video, that’s a pretty long time.

Facebook isn’t YouTube after all – it’s not focused on long-form content.

So watching a 5-minute video on Facebook signals that someone is very engaged with your brand.

When someone gets put into this custom audience, we do one of two things.

3. Deepen The Relationship Through Conversion-based Ads & Long-Form Content

The first thing we’d do is show them longer-form content.

For Instance, I do livestreams a couple of times a week – on YouTube or in my Facebook group. I also have a podcast.

And this longer-form content is usually between 8-12 minutes long.

We do this, because if someone watched a 5-minute video and nearly stayed to the end, there’s a good chance they’d like to go deeper with our content and learn more.

We’re making sure to keep the engagement going.

If you don’t have videos or podcasts, you could also do longer text posts or blog articles.

But after this is where the rubber hits the road.

And this takes us back to how to increase your customer lifetime value using Facebook advertising.

Because next up, we’ll show them conversion-based ads.

So for example, if you have a low-ticket product, and you’ve shown your ideal customer a variety of both short and long-form content, it’s time to show them how to take the next step by purchasing a low-risk product.

You could also opt for a lead generation Facebook campaign objective rather than a conversion objective, and direct them towards your funnel. Whether that’s a free challenge funnel, a webinar funnel or even a book a call funnel.

So to recap, here’s how these campaigns work.

1. We hook them in with enticing short-form video content
2. We deepen the relationship by further educating them with long-form content
3. And then we engage them with a more direct call-to-action

Implementing this 3-step campaign has had a dramatic impact on two major metrics at our agency.

  1. How long it takes someone to go from prospect to paying client
  2. How many conversations our sales team needs to have with someone to convert

So if you’re selling high-ticket services/programs, and you normally have a very long lead time (meaning it might take people a couple of weeks or even a couple of months to sign up and become a client)…

Then this 3-step strategy is going to be a GAMECHANGER for you.

By using these Facebook ad campaigns, you’ll dramatically shorten the timeframe it takes for your leads to become clients.

They’ll be ready to pull out their credit card and hit the ‘buy’ button straight away – because they’re already highly familiar and engaged with your brand.

And not only that, but going back to the question of how to increase customer lifetime value…

The prospects we target through these campaigns are always the ones who spend the MOST money with us over the long run.


Because these are not random strangers who are coming across your brand for the first time.

By the time you’ve got them in your funnel, or on the phone for a sales call…they’re already sold.

This is just ONE of the strategies our agency is using for how to increase customer lifetime value.

If you want the others, then head on over to our FREE class to learn about the 100M method.

These are the exact tactics we’ve used to create millions of dollars per month for our clients.

I don’t know how long this class will be available, so register and watch it on-demand to learn about what’s working NOW when it comes to Facebook ads.

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