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Entrepreneurs Visiting Victor

Interview with Hernan Vazquez

In this episode, we talked about how Hernan become an entrepreneur, and how he decided to have his own business. 

Besides, we talked about how to start running a project, how to handle when doubts appear, and how many time an entrepreneur have to wait to get money.

(40 min)

Chasing The Insights

Mistakes When Running Facebook Ads and How to Avoid Them

In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to digital marketing guru Hernan Vazquez.

Hernan talks to us about small businesses’ mistakes when running Facebook ads and how to avoid them in a post IOs 14 era.

(38 min)

The KAJ Masterclass LIVE

How to Build a Remote Marketing Team

In this video, we learn from Hernan E Vazquez, Founder of Scale Driven, an award-winning digital marketing agency, about how to build a remote marketing team.

(32 min)

Jason Swenk

How to Avoid a Growth Explosion and Enjoy Agency Life Instead

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

-Why you should do what you like and hire for what you don’t.

– Why it’s normal to question owning an agency.
– Lesson Learned from fast, exponential growth.
(15 min)

Publish. Promote. Profit.

Mr BIZ Radio

Current Keys to Successful Social Media Ads with Hernan Vazquez

– How should you adjust for the recession?
– What is the #1 action to NOT take?
– What does the $200 million Man Say?
(30 min)

Publish. Promote. Profit.

Helping Companies Grow with Effective Marketing Strategies featuring Hernan Vazquez and Jeremias Smith

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:
– How you can use a book funnel to acquire customers and then upsell them.
– Why you should be monetizing the people who are ordering your book.
– How having the power of a good brand behind you can help you sell books and upsell to your customers.
– Why you need a powerful hook or angle to get people to purchase your book.
– How there are three main pillars that help drive traffic to your funnel and what they are.
(42 min)

Actionable Ecom - Average Order Value Boosters

Putting High-Ticket Offers To Work In Your Business With Hernan Vazquez & Adam Moody - #2

Listen to this episode and find out how you can use high ticket offers in your business for more revenue, profit, and better value for your clients or customers.
(10 min)

The James Neilson - Watt Show

How to Use Facebook Ads & Email Marketing to Get Quality New Patients with Hernan Vazquez

In this Episode:
– Business is NOT about being an amazing healthcare practitioner, it’s about understanding the game
– The single, easiest way to GROW a healthcare business and the role of Facebook ads and campaigns to support this process
– The old boys club thing that’s no longer working and the 2-step approach that brings in new clients
– Increase the quality of leads you are getting and establish yourself as an authority using an inexpensive, cost-effective approach
– The easiest low hanging fruit healthcare practitioners can do RIGHT NOW to create momentum for their businesses online
(39 min)

YOUR FIRST 100K – Raw Business Truth ™

268 - Finally, An Insanely Easy Way to Build Your List Fast (+Free Template to Create The Perfect Facebook Ad) with Hernan Vazquez

Hernan VazquezDigital Marketing Consulting and Trainer “Ask first and build later.”
(36 min)

The Marketing Matrix

TMM 79: The Secret Facebook Campaign You Need Right Now with Hernan Vazquez

Are you utilizing Facebook marketing strategies to their full potential?How would you like to build an audience within Facebook—before they even get to your paid funnel?
(47 min)

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

363 - All About Paid Advertisements with Hernan Vazquez Media LLC's Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez is the Founder & CEO of Hernan Vazquez Media LLC. HVM focuses on paid digital ads, email marketing, and sales funnels. They help clients grow their revenue with email automations and marketing funnels. Hernan has been doing digital marketing for 11 years and got into Facebook ads about 6 years ago.

Affiliate Journey

#62 How To Win Using Facebook| Featuring Hernan Vazquez

Hernan is the world’s top FB ads expert who was the traffic guy behind Frenk Kern and Grant Cardone. He has launched several 7-figure training businesses. In our today’s episode, he has shared how you can use FB ads without spending much money, and improve your results! We also covered a lot of ground on why people fail with FB ads. Enjoy!
(34 min)

Business and Life Podcast

Episode 0073: Hernan Vazquez

Today we will be interviewing Hernan Vazquez. Hernan is a digital marketing consultant, paid traffic expert and trainer who works with SMBs that want to acquire more online customers. He’s been advising entrepreneurs and companies since 2010, including the likes of Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, amongst others.
(25 min)

Real World Productivity

Episode 16 - Hernan Vazquez - Follow Up With An Action Taker

In this episode I’m talking to Hernan Vazquez, my business partner and friend, to see what changes he’s seen in his own productivity and processes over the past year. He’s definitely an action taker and someone that follows the “ready, fire, aim” idea of getting started quickly and adjusting as needed. However, he knows that a business needs more than just action – so listen in to find out how he’s dealt with building a team and more
(16 min)

Real World Productivity

Episode 5 - Interview: Taking Real Action With Hernan Vazquez

This episode is a great interview with digital marketing expert Hernan Vazquez. The title is well named, he’s an action taker who prefers to do first and sort out the details later. Hernan has some interesting insights into productivity and process as well as what has worked for him that returns great results.
(25 min)

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Get more traffic, better Google rankings, and increased sales with Hernan Vazquez

Hernan is an Internet marketer, Entrepreneur and SEO specialist who focuses on bringing results to clients and students by researching, developing, and sharing techniques to get more traffic, better Google rankings, and increased sales.
(21 mins)