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What Is The Minimum Budget For Facebook Ads Success?

Want to start Facebook ads but you’re not sure if you have the funds?

Wondering what the minimum budget for Facebook ads is so that your campaigns *actually* see results?

You’re in the right place.

Today I’ll be breaking down the minimum budget to run an effective and profitable Facebook ad campaign.

AND teaching you how to allocate that budget for a strong and sustainable ad set.

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Once you’ve done that, keep reading to find out the answer to one of the most asked questions of all time:

“How much do I need to spend on ads to get a return?”

Let’s get into it!

Let’s Talk Numbers: The Minimum Budget For Facebook Ads When Just Starting Out

There are all kinds of theories on budgeting for Facebook ad campaigns.

But the minimum budget for Facebook ads we recommend to our clients and students is $100 a day.

That’s the sweet spot for running ads based on the average cost per lead we’re seeing right now.

There is always a bit of variation depending on targeting, demographics, and geography.

But as a rule of thumb for someone starting out – $100 per day is the ideal budget if you want to get results fast through Facebook advertisements.

Now, if $100 per day feels like a lot, you could start at $50 per day.

But then you will have to be extra patient.

Because the more you spend on advertisements – the quicker you will see results.

So it will either take more money or more time.

The choice is yours.

An Important Reminder For Your Facebook Ads Budget

But whether you spend $50 per day or $100 per day, I need to share an honest reminder with you…

It is highly unlikely you will see any return after that first $1500 to $3000 you’ve invested.

(And if you do, it’s pure luck.)

This doesn’t mean your campaign is a failure.

In fact, it’s totally normal.

So start to make peace with the fact that you won’t make a return on your initial ad spend when you’re starting from scratch.

During this time, you’re investing in data – and testing what works and what doesn’t work.

You need to allow yourself this period of experimentation and optimization so you can get your campaign running like a well-oiled machine down the line.

How to Allocate Your Advertising Budget

If you are thinking to yourself:

“100 dollars a day? That seems like a lot?”

Let me break it down for you.

Remember – you’re starting from scratch.

So what we recommend our clients do is to launch 10 ad sets.

Whether it’s for a conversion campaign or a lead generation campaign our rule of thumb is to launch 10 ad sets with one audience per set.

This strategy breaks down to $10 per day per ad set.

Still with me?

Great! So that adds up to $100 per day.

When you’re investing $10 per day into each ad set it will take about two or three days to get a sense of what audiences are responding the best.

After that first three days take a look at your 10 ad sets and ask yourself:

Which audiences are resonating the best? Which of these sets are working and which ones should I let go of?

And once you’ve identified the lower-performing ad sets you can shut those down and invest more money into the ad sets that are generating the most leads or sales.

Then you’ll end up with 5 to 8 interests that work great and you are ready to start scaling these.

We recommend 20% every 48 hours, but if you want to learn more about scaling your campaigns we share far more in our FREE 100M Method Class.

Like I said before, if you’re trying to work out your minimum budget for Facebook ads and $100/day feels too much, don’t stress.

Feel free to spend a little less each day, but be prepared to wait longer to get the data required.

If you spend half of the recommended budget (ie. $50 per day) it will likely take 5 or 6 days to identify what ad sets are performing best (rather than just 2-3 days had you spent the $100/day suggested!).

So if you have the patience – go for it!

You might find that during this initial ‘testing’ phase, you start getting leads, booking calls, or making sales from your new campaigns.

And that’s great!

But it is ultimately NOT the goal of launching your first Facebook ad campaign.

The goal of any first campaigns is always to collect information about your audience and your creatives.

So if you end up seeing results – fantastic. And if not – don’t freak out.

The information you will gather from this investment will result in hugely successful ad campaigns to come.

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