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Want To See More Facebook Ad Conversions? Try This Genius Campaign Strategy!

If you want to IMPROVE your campaigns and boost your Facebook ad conversions…

I’ve got a genius method to share with you.

At my agency, ScaleDriven, we refer to this method as the 5×5 method.

This is our signature method we use to get both our agency clients and the students in our coaching program incredible results.

Another name for this method is social branding campaigns.

The 5×5 Method For Better Facebook Ad Conversions

First off, let’s talk about some of the benefits of the 5×5 Facebook ads method.

We run these campaigns for all our customers, but especially for those who are looking for:

  • Better quality customers
  • More qualified leads
  • And a shortened sales cycle (meaning they want to decrease the time between someone becoming a lead and becoming a client)

I first learned about the power of social branding campaigns when I was working as Frank Kern’s CMO for a few years.

Since then, we’ve put our own spin on social branding campaigns and dialed in on what the process looks like when you’re running campaigns on Facebook, specifically.

How Does The 5×5 Method Work?

Now let’s break down why we call it the 5×5 method.

Essentially, we use videos to run these campaigns, and we script these videos for our clients.

We ask our clients for…

  • 5 videos
  • At 5-minutes long
  • And we usually run them at $5/day

Making it the 5×5 method.

Why 5 videos?

We use videos because we run these as video views campaigns. Videos allow us to hook viewers and keep them engaged longer. By measuring video views, we’re able to see our most engaged audience based on the percentage of the video they view.

We want 5 videos from our clients because we have to test which of the 5 videos is going to have the best consumption rate.

Why 5-minutes videos?

Through our work with clients, we’ve found that 5 minutes is the sweet spot for videos on Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram are way different than platforms like YouTube, where long-form content tends to be the norm.

On Facebook and Instagram, shorter content reigns supreme.

Five minutes is a good length, short enough that it’s still appropriate for the platform, but long enough that it’s a good test to measure engagement.

Because when you really think about it, 5 minutes is quite a long time to spend watching a video on Facebook!

Why $5 a day?

Social branding campaigns are relatively cost-effective, so they won’t eat up a ton of your Facebook ads budget.
Unlike conversion campaigns, you’re not asking someone to leave the platform, so Facebook rewards you with some cost savings.

The goal is to run social branding campaigns all year long.

They will come in handy during the holidays or other times of the year when it’s SUPER pricey to be running cold ads.

How Does The 5×5 Method Help With Facebook Ad Conversions?

So here’s what you want to do.

You want to take everyone that’s consumed a certain percentage of your video (for example, 90%) and put them into a custom audience.

Then, you want to further nurture this audience with long-form content.

At ScaleDriven, we do this by showing them episodes of our podcast, Marketing Atlas.

After nurturing this custom audience through long-form content, we’ll start showing them conversion campaigns.

Social branding campaigns work with ALL types of products – whether you have a high-ticket coaching program, a low-ticket info product, or an e-commerce shop, it doesn’t matter!

No matter the industry, the 5×5 method helps with multiple factors.

1. Increases the average value per customer

Because this audience has been heavily nurtured through your video ads, they’re usually willing to spend MORE money with you.

We have an acquisition funnel going right now and the average cart value for that acquisition funnel is around $150 to $180. And the reason why it’s so high is that we’re constantly building our Facebook ad audiences through the 5×5 method.

2. Allows you to convert leads into clients FASTER

The other type of client this method is particularly helpful for are those with high-ticket programs or services.

If your leads have consistently been seeing your content, they already like, know, and trust you.

This means that they’re usually much easier to close on the phone.

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