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How This One Powerful Lead Magnet Funnel Exploded My Client’s Business

Do lead magnet funnels still work?

I’ve been talking to a lot of agency clients and students from my signature Facebook ads coaching program about this.

And the answer is…TOTALLY!

(If you get them right)

In fact, one of our agency clients was so successful with their freebie that they built their entire business off of one powerful lead magnet funnel.

I’ve been in the online marketing game for about 13 years now, so I’ve seen a lot of lead magnets over the years.

And I can tell you with confidence that lead magnets haven’t gone out of style. They absolutely can still get you killer results in business.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet funnel is when an entrepreneur gives away a free product in exchange for a customer’s information (usually a name and email address).

The business owner can promote this free product to attract leads to their business.

Once you get a lead on your email list, you can gradually warm them up through email sequences, and eventually, make a paid sale.

Types Of Lead Magnets For Entrepreneurs

There are infinite options when it comes to setting up a lead magnet funnel for your business.

Here are some popular lead magnet examples:

  • Checklists or cheat sheets
  • Free guides
  • Masterclasses or video trainings
  • Templates
  • Calculators
  • Toolkits

All of these can work great, but my superstar client actually used a different lead magnet entirely which got them incredible results.

The Powerful Lead Magnet Funnel That Skyrocketed My Client’s Business 🚀

This agency client of ScaleDriven has an info-product business and he teaches people how to become coders. He’s from an European country where becoming a coder is a really popular avenue, as it allows people to sell services to the U.S. and heavily increase their income. And as I said…he’s absolutely crushing it!

Recently, we were having a strategy call, and I was digging into his campaigns and funnel data. We’ve been working with this client for about 18 months, so we have quite a bit of data as they’ve had several different funnels over our time together.

One of the funnels we were testing recently was a book-a-call funnel.

This funnel allows people to book a free call to get information on their high-ticket coaching program, with the goal being to close them on the call.

This funnel has been their bread and butter for the past few months, but during our strategy call, we noticed something interesting.

We realized that most of the people they end up closing on these strategy calls aren’t coming straight from the ads to the call.

The leads that are easiest to close are the ones that are coming from their free course.

This client has created a free course that’s insanely valuable.

It’s not just some fluffy mini-course to get you to opt-in. It’s lengthy, and it teaches you how to become a coder.

Most people that buy the coaching program have already gone through the course.

When a lead books a call, my client will often hear, “I just went through your course and I was blown away by the value. I had to see what your coaching program would be all about!”

A lot of the time, these prospects don’t need much convincing.

They’re ready to take the plunge and invest in the program. Because their free stuff was THAT good.

There’s already a baseline level of trust built up.

Breaking The Classic Lead Magnet Mold

This client went against the traditional advice that says the best types of lead magnets should only take five minutes to consume, or should only offer a ‘taste’ of value. Many people fall into the age-old advice to “sell the what, not the how”.

But this client didn’t listen.

They broke the mold and took their lead magnet to the next level.

Their free course is now their #1 marketing machine.

Even though they’re a small company, they’re battling some of the big dogs in their industry. They’re winning in their country, and a big part of that is because people trust them. They’ve established themselves as an incredible resource through their lead magnet.

How We Upleveled Their Lead Magnet Funnel

So once we discovered that their lead magnet was driving most of the sales, how did we move forward?

First, we allocated more budget towards promoting their free course.

Then, we switched the settings on our book-a-call funnel so that we weren’t directing cold traffic to the call link, but we retargeted traffic instead.

Only the people that had signed up for the course would see the ads to book a call.

We also started running some branding campaigns that would be shown before the book-a-call ads were shown, and that helped increase their conversion rate tenfold.

Their free course is their #1 lead generator, and our paid ads strategies have allowed them to pour more gas on the fire, skyrocketing their lead magnet funnel.

So many entrepreneurs are afraid to give away good value in their lead magnet.

But the reality is if someone just grabs your value for free and they aren’t buying your stuff, they probably were never going to buy from you in the first place.

The people who will invest in your products and programs aren’t just interested in information. They’re interested in the support you can provide. Your support can allow them to get results faster, cheaper, and with more fun!

That’s our whole MO behind our Facebook ads coaching program.

Sure, you could do it yourself. But you’re going to spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to do so…and you might get yourself pretty frustrated in the process.

We teach you how to run world-class Facebook ad campaigns that get you results faster and cheaper.

And we actually have a free Facebook ads class that can get you started straight away.

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