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CASE STUDY: The Best Cost-Per-Lead We’ve Seen In A While

Our agency has just gotten some amazing results when it comes to lowering our cost per lead… and I wanted to share them with you!

With everyone, everywhere talking about the rising cost of Facebook advertising, I’m all about sharing some little-known strategies entrepreneurs can use to get better results while spending fewer dollars.

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Now, back to the campaign that’s getting INCREDIBLE results for our agency.

This is a campaign that we’re doing for our new 100 Million Method coaching program.

The basic foundation for the campaign is we generate leads on Facebook and then we have them book a call with our team and apply.

Then, they engage in a sales conversation to confirm whether or not the program is right for them.

Cost Per Lead Campaign Results

case study

Pssst – Want to know what ODC means? I cover this in detail in the 100M Method Class!

From this screenshot, you can see that we spent just $9.27 on ads and generated 5 leads on Facebook, which means we’re spending just $1.85 per lead. Talk about affordability when it comes to cost per leads.

Now here’s the thing about these leads…

They’re not just anybody.

They’re highly qualified leads based in the United States and they’re people who work in marketing or are highly interested in marketing.

Some of them are also in the UK or Canada, but most of them are from the U.S.

Again, we know because we use something called ODC audiences which we cover in tons of detail in the 100M Method Class.

Our Method For Converting Leads

So, you might be wondering…

What did we do with these leads that we generated for just $1.85 a pop?

It’s not just the low cost per lead that makes this campaign so incredible, but what comes next.

We put them on a sequence, and then we ask them if they’d like to have a conversation with our team about how to get better results with their Facebook ads.


We’re running Facebook ads to get people to learn how to run Facebook ads like we do, and it’s working. It’s meta, I know.

Now, this second set of numbers is where things start to get really interesting.

Analyzing Cost Per Appointment

case study 2

This image represents our cost for appointments scheduled with our team.

When it comes to the campaign circled in red, this ad set is allowing us to schedule appointments for just $33.

Some campaigns are working better than others, with certain ad sets costing $88 or even $99 dollars per appointment scheduled.

But even the ads that generated a higher cost per appointment are still performing phenomenally well for our agency.

Because in reality, we can afford to pay up to 200 per call and still be super profitable.

Another reason we know these leads are a perfect fit is that we’re able to target them by income level.

Because we sell high-ticket services and coaching programs, we need to make sure we’re only engaging people who can actually afford our services.

So with this campaign, in particular, we’re targeting people who have an annual income of 75k or more.

And again, this all comes down to our agency’s secret weapon, ODC audiences – a topic that I go into detail about in the 100M class.

The second strategy I’ll be giving you in the free class is how you can lower your cost per lead while increasing your revenue at the same time.

Yes, even if everyone else around you is struggling with Facebook ads and telling you they don’t work.

Take it from a guy who’s been generating millions of dollars for his clients (even after iOS 14 changes)…they do!

You just need to learn the right strategies to make ads work for you – even without a massive budget.

I’m sharing exactly how you can do that in the 100 Million Method Class.

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