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Why Branding Campaigns Are The Secret To Success On Facebook?

Branding campaigns are quite literally the golden ticket on Facebook….and yet so many entrepreneurs neglect them.

They opt for cold traffic or lead-gen ads because they’re not sure why branding campaigns are so key for success on Facebook.

No matter how big or small your business is, no matter how much you have to spend on advertising…you always want to be running brand awareness campaigns.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through why branding campaigns are quintessential to success with FB ads and show you how we’ve gotten incredible results for our agency clients with them.

Plus, you’ll learn what’s going into creating successful brand awareness ads for your business.

Let’s go!

The GOAT of Branding Campaigns

Before we get into the nitty gritty of branding campaigns, I want to tell you a little bit about how I learned about this key campaign type.

About five years ago, I was working for the legendary Frank Kern.

He was one of the pioneers of what’s called intent-based branding.

As his ads team, we were able to apply what he was teaching with intent-based branding and apply those concepts to Facebook ads.

(I even recorded some lessons for his programs and started coaching people on intent-based branding under his wing – pretty cool stuff!)

What Makes Branding Campaigns So Powerful

Intent-based branding is a powerful methodology that leverages human psychology to drive results.

And it relies on two psychological principles in particular.

You can read about these principles in more detail in Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence. 

Principle #1 – The Principle of Reciprocity

Branding campaigns rely on the principle of reciprocity.

This principle speaks to our human nature to want to repay people we feel indebted to.

If someone does something for us, we want to do something for them.

If someone provides us with something awesome, we want to reward them for their generosity.

It’s human nature to want to reciprocate.

Principle #2 – The Principle of Authority

Number two is the principle of authority.

This principle states that we tend to listen to people more if they seem like they know what they’re talking about.

People want to take advice from those that seem like genuine experts in their field.

This is why making sure others perceive you as credible and wise is so key.

With branding campaigns, we put both of these principles of persuasion to work.

What Makes Branding Campaigns On Facebook Different

Brand awareness campaigns are nothing new.

Whether we’re discussing video discovery ads on YouTube, or a politician purchasing an ad spot on TV, branding campaigns are all around us.

But there are a couple of things that make running a brand awareness campaign on Facebook unique.

1.People are not on Facebook to consume content

The reality is, people are on Facebook to keep up with friends and family. They’re not usually on the platform to consume educational content or buy anything.

They go to YouTube to consume in-depth content.

They go to Facebook to see what their acquaintances are up to and watch cat videos.

What this means is that if people are taking the time to watch your educational content on Facebook, to watch your brand awareness ads – you’ve caught their attention. This person is engaged if you’ve been able to pry them away from their habitual scroll.

2. Facebook gives you detailed data on consumption

The second thing that’s unique about Facebook is they can show you the percentage of how much people are consuming your content.

Say you have a five-minute video.

Some people might consume ten seconds of the video, thirty seconds of it, or even an entire three minutes.

What this allows you to do is put people into a custom audience based on watch time.

For example, you might put people who have watched 50% or more of the video into a custom audience.

This is a unique feature that no other platform can do.

If someone is consuming 90% of the length of a video, that is a HUGE engagement signal.

3. Branding Campaigns Are Cost-Effective

With the rising costs of advertising, branding campaigns allow you to reach your customers for less.

This is why we create branding campaigns for every single client we work with at my agency, ScaleDriven.

We’ll use about 10-15% of our client’s budget on brand awareness campaigns.

Not only are these types of ads inexpensive – they also work to shorten the sales cycle.

This is especially useful for clients who are selling high-ticket products.

If you’re selling high-ticket, the sales cycle might be a month, six months, or even a year depending on the investment of your product or service.

Imagine how much you could grow your revenue if you were able to shorten that sales cycle from six months to one month?

Imagine if you could shorten your follow-up from six sales calls to two?

THAT is the power of branding campaigns and what they can do for your business.

When someone is already aware of your brand and how you can help them, and they’ve repeatedly been exposed to your message, they need a lot less convincing than a cold lead.

Branding campaigns can easily increase your revenue by 3x, 4x, or 5x – without having to touch your pricing, your deliverables, or your offer.

How To Set Up A Successful Branding Campaign on Facebook

Have I convinced you to run a brand awareness campaign yet?

If you’re sold (and you really should be by this point!) here are the key steps to set up your first prosperous campaign.

1.Record A Valuable Video

The first step is always going to be to produce a helpful piece of content that educates your ideal audience.

The biggest names in business have been doing this for ages.

I once heard Tony Robbins say you could drop his name in the middle of the Sahara desert, and he’d still fill up a stadium.

I believe it, and a huge reason he’s so extremely popular is that he’s been putting out value in the marketplace for over 20 years.

He’s become a household name.

We try to adopt this same strategy here at ScaleDriven. We don’t hold back in our free content. Instead, we try to give as much value away as possible.

2.Decide on Your Call-To-Action

Next up, you want to have a very clear action for your audience to take if they want to connect even further with you.

This could be:

  • An opportunity to book a call
  • A low-ticket offer
  • A lead magnet/email opt-in freebie

In our case, our call to action on many of our videos is our 100 Million Method Framework.

So our call to action would be, “If you want to learn how to create and launch ads that work every single time, be sure to go to to get my framework on sale!”

Figure out the next step you want your ideal client to take and then tell them what it is, repeatedly.

3. Run Your Video As A Video Views or Engagement Campaign

Once you’ve recorded your high-value video content, you can run it as either a video views campaign or an engagement campaign.

When we use this strategy with our agency clients, we actually use about 10-15 valuable videos they’ve created and see which one performs best.

From there, we’ll use the best-performing video as the first step in our branding campaign.

Once a user consumes a certain percentage of this video, they’re then shown the other 9-14 videos as additional content.

You should always have these types of branding campaigns running in the background – no matter what else you have going on.

You want to constantly be growing your Facebook ad audience.

By targeting your

  • website visitors
  • people who’ve engaged with your page
  • your lookalike audiences
  • and custom audiences

And repeatedly showing them helpful content, you’ll be able to always stay top of mind to potential clients.

One thing to remember is that branding campaigns aren’t a get-rich-quick-scheme. They take time and effort to pay off – usually between 60 to 90 days depending on how much money you’re spending.

But trust us…they’re worth it.

If you want to learn more about how to execute branding campaigns that drive serious profits, be sure to check out the 100 Millon Framework.

Learn how to run ads that work every single time – whether you have a webinar funnel, an e-commerce shop, a high-ticket coaching program or even a brick-and-mortar business.

You name it, this framework will help you skyrocket your revenue with Facebook ads.

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