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Facebook Ads Not Converting? Here’s Why Most People FAIL at Facebook Ads

Facebook ads not converting for you? Here’s what you need to remember.

It’s easy to hate Facebook ads when you’re getting poor results.

I truly believe this is why Facebook ads can be a such a polarizing topic in the online business community.

People either love them with their whole hearts…or they despise them at all.

And when most people hate on FB ads, it’s because they’ve only ever had failed ad campaigns.

But when you know how to succeed…harnessing the power of Facebook advertising can make or break your business during these uncertain financial times.

With Facebook advertising, it is no longer about if you can survive during a recession.

It is actually possible to thrive.

So today – we’re taking a look at why most people FAIL at Facebook ads and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

That way your business will be stronger and better than ever, regardless of the financial state of the world.

Let’s get into the biggest predictors of why your Facebook ad is not converting.

The Reason Why Your Facebook Ad is Not Converting

The main reason why most people fail at Facebook advertising is that they put too much of their focus on targeting and strategy.

Now you may be thinking “Is there even such a thing as too much focus on targeting and strategy?”

And I am here to tell you that when it comes to Facebook advertising – there absolutely is.

The same people who put all of their energy into micromanaging their Facebook targeting are the same people whose campaigns are failing.


Because targeting and strategy on Facebook are not the be-all-end-all.

Facebook has access to so much information. It is an incredibly intelligent platform.

You can afford to let Facebook do more of the heavy lifting with your targeting.

So while most people blame their targeting as the reason why their Facebook ad is not converting…it actually isn’t true.

Don’t believe the myths you hear about untapped audiences and extremely niche interests.

At the end of the day (regardless of how narrow you go with your targeting), Facebook will probably do a better job than you at honing in on your ideal buyer, because of their sophisticated algorithm.

So I am begging you to use your energy elsewhere to succeed with your Facebook advertising campaigns.

When you expel all this energy on narrow targeting you end up with failed campaigns and no energy left for the important stuff.

So What’s The Secret to Facebook Ads Success?

So if not about having the best strategy, the most specific targeting, and the most effective funnels what is it about?

It’s all about the ideas.

New, controversial, and creative ideas.

You need to stop stressing so much about targeting techniques and technical strategies and start pouring your heart and soul into your ideas.


The real reason your Facebook ad is not working usually comes down to what you’re saying in your campaign.

  • What idea are you communicating through your copy
  • Are they ideas that will stop people in their tracks?
  • Or are they generic, leaving your buyers to scroll on by?

It’s time to focus your energy on the videos, images, and words that make up your copy – so that your Facebook ad campaigns can take off.

Your copy is the thing that will communicate to your audience your new angle or idea that will galvanize them into action.

Do you want to get people to like, comment, share and take action?

If your Facebook ads are not converting, and you want to turn their performance around…double down on the fundamentals.

The targeting and strategy are secondary.

Your innovative ideas are the key to any successful Facebook ad campaign.

Remember why you got into this business in the first place – because your ideas are unique, innovative, and groundbreaking.

So return to that focus and your Facebook advertising campaign will be powerful.

And all the noise about “uncertain financial times”, economic crisis, or the impending recession won’t be able to touch you.

Your ad campaigns will be flawless and foolproof.

  • Targeting techniques and strategies change.
  • Platforms change.
  • Trends change.

Your ability to generate influential concepts will be the constant that will help your business grow no matter what.

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